Investing in property requires the meticulous application of knowledge, expertise and a strong understanding of prevailing trends. Spencer Weston have an unparalleled success in advising and assisting our investor clients. The directors have a track record of sourcing, identifying and negotiating opportunities within the Cheshire market. Through a number of sources we are often able to present off market deals that never see the open market.


The majority of our sourced investment property requires considerable modernisation in order to maximise the return on capital from the outset. Thanks to our construction arm we offer a unique pre investment service.


We will source the property and give you a fixed quotation and timescale for carrying out the refurbishment work required prior to you investing a penny. Therefore you know from the outset what your capital expenditure will be and when your property is going to be ready for re sale or letting.



“Whether you are buying to let or buying to sell, Spencer Weston ensure value is created at every stage”


Identify your Investment requirements
Market research and sourcing
Presentation of Properties
Undertake refurbishment works
Arrange the resale or letting of the property